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“Sound of Freedom” achieves extraordinary feat, crossing $100 million mark

In a remarkable turn of events, the Angel Studios hit film “Sound of Freedom” has surpassed the remarkable milestone of $100 million in box office revenue within just two weeks of its release. Initially considered a relatively unknown movie with low expectations for major success, it has defied all odds and emerged as a significant box office triumph.

As of this Wednesday, “Sound of Freedom” has raked in an impressive $100,905,201 in 2023, securing the 16th position at the box office. Surpassing well-known titles like “Cocaine Bear” ($64 million) and “Air” ($52 million), the film’s popularity continues to soar.

Remarkably, the movie’s Wednesday earnings were 6.7 percent higher than the previous Wednesday, defying the typical trend of declining revenue week to week for movies.

Having been the No. 1 film in America on three occasions, including its opening day, “Sound of Freedom” has garnered an overwhelming response from audiences. Angel Studios’ Senior Vice President of Global Distribution, Jared Geesey, expressed how the film has become a people’s movie, chosen by over 100,000 people in the Angel Guild, and supported by tens of thousands through the ‘Pay it Forward’ program. Its success is credited to a grassroots movement of everyday individuals who are passionately backing stories that illuminate and impact culture, in contrast to the traditional top-down system of Hollywood gatekeepers.

Brandon Purdie, Vice President and Head of Theatrical Distribution at Angel Studios, shared that “Sound of Freedom” is captivating an underserved segment of the population in the entertainment industry. This untapped audience is showing enthusiastic support, with an incredible 41 percent of moviegoers expressing their intention to see it again, a notably high number in the industry.

The PG-13 film narrates the true story of Tim Ballard, a government agent who left his position at the Department of Homeland Security to dedicate his life to rescuing children from sex trafficking in other countries. The character of Tim Ballard is portrayed by Jim Caviezel, adding depth and emotion to the compelling narrative.

“Sound of Freedom” has indeed transcended its initial status as a little-known film and has become a force to be reckoned with, touching the hearts of viewers and resonating with a broad audience who are drawn to its inspiring story and important message.



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