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Eventbrite Removes Rally Advocating for Gender-Specific Facilities

A well-known online event management and ticketing website decided to remove the listing for an upcoming rally organized by a conservative women’s group. The rally, named “Let Women Speak Austin,” was meant to address the importance of protecting sex-segregated spaces for women and girls, such as bathrooms and prisons.

Hosted by the Independent Women’s Network, the Aug. 12 event aimed to provide a platform for community members and women to advocate for “sex-based protections.” The participants planned to urge Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to safeguard “women’s only spaces.”

The decision by Eventbrite to unpublish the Let Women Speak Austin rally came after the website informed the group through an email that the event violated its community guideline policy on “hateful, dangerous, or violent content.”

Carrie Lukas, President of the Independent Women’s Forum, expressed her deep concern over the situation. She found it troubling that a platform founded and run by a woman would label the concerns of women regarding the potential loss of women’s spaces as “hate speech.”

Lukas clarified that the real hatred lies in the assault on women’s rights, including female prisoners, athletes, and sexual assault victims. She accused Eventbrite’s actions of exemplifying cancel culture and showcasing bigotry and hatred towards women. The Independent Women’s Network firmly stands for women’s rights and freedom of speech, rejecting any form of censorship.

Michelle Evans, leader of the IWN Austin chapter, accused Eventbrite of capitulating to a vocal minority opposing women speaking out in support of protecting female sports and other spaces. She expressed frustration that the simple demand to “Let Women Speak” was intentionally misrepresented as hate speech.

Despite Eventbrite’s silence in response to The Christian Post’s request for comment, Evans and Lukas penned a letter to the platform, condemning its decision as sexist and affirming their determination to proceed with the rally as planned.

The Let Women Speak Austin event aims to highlight the stories of sexual assault survivors who fear being forced to change in front of men. Additionally, the rally intends to shed light on female athletes who have suffered harm or lost awards due to competing with biological men. The event also seeks to raise awareness about female inmates and abuse victims living in shelters who have been compelled to share spaces with biological men.

The letter to Eventbrite emphasizes the insult to all women in America, labeling events like these as “hateful” and calls for the immediate reversal of the decision.

In November 2022, trans activists disrupted a previous Let Women Speak event at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The event featured Kellie-Jay Keen, Founder of Standing for Women, who has hosted free speech events called “Speakers Corner” in the United Kingdom to address issues related to gender ideology.

The disruptions involved protestors waving flags representing the trans movement and chanting slogans to interrupt the event. One demonstrator even used a siren to disrupt the speakers until threatened with arrest by the U.S. Parks Police. The activists did not have a protest permit and were directed by the police to another section of the memorial grounds. At least one individual was arrested in connection with the disturbance.

Despite opposition and disruptions, the organizers remain committed to providing a space for women to speak up about the challenges and experiences they face, while upholding the value of protecting sex-segregated spaces for the well-being and dignity of women and girls.



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