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“House Approves Defense Bill with Vital Pro-Life and Pro-Family Protections”

The U.S. House of Representatives has taken a significant step for the defense of life and family values by passing the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2024 (NDAA). This crucial bill, approved on July 14 in a close vote of 219-210, not only provides vital fiscal appropriations of $886.3 billion for national defense but also includes numerous pro-life and pro-family measures that conservatives can wholeheartedly celebrate.

Among the pro-family provisions within H.R. 2670 are noteworthy measures such as the Jackson-Roy Amendment, which prevents the use of taxpayer funds for abortion travel costs for servicemembers and their dependents. Additionally, the bill ensures that the Department of Defense is prohibited from promoting critical theory at military service academies and in servicemember training. It also eliminates the position of Chief Diversity Officer within the Department of Defense and protects servicemembers’ rights to direct their children’s education. Furthermore, the bill includes a provision that prohibits funds from being used for drag shows and drag queen story hours.

The NDAA will now be presented to the Senate, where its first procedural vote is expected on Tuesday evening. However, to overcome the filibuster, the bill requires 60 votes. Politico reports that Senate leaders hope to pass their version of the bill before the August recess, but it is anticipated that some of the pro-family policies included in the House’s version may be removed during this process.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of SBA Pro-Life America, commended the House’s decision to include the Jackson-Roy Amendment, highlighting its significance in restraining the Pentagon’s illegal policy of taxpayer-funded abortion travel.

Conservatives and Christians can indeed rejoice over the pro-family policies embedded in the NDAA. However, it is essential to remain vigilant as the final version of the bill is yet to be determined. Congressional negotiators will work towards a bipartisan compromise, and it may take several months before the exact provisions are known.

In the past, the FY23 NDAA had the potential to include problematic provisions, like requiring women to register for the military draft. Fortunately, that provision was eventually removed to garner sufficient support for the bill’s passage.

The Daily Citizen will continue to keep readers updated on any crucial developments concerning the FY24 NDAA. As we move forward, let us remain steadfast in our prayers and advocacy for the protection of life and family values, recognizing that the fight is not over until the final version of the bill is signed into law.



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